ROSENBERG, Texas: Video Appears To Show Police Using Excessive Force

A video has surfaced appearing to show an officer punch an elder man in the face bloodying him, has sparked outrage and concern.

Activists are now planning to pursue for a law, which would allow a survivable citizen and or victim to press charges on an officer, if that officer is found to have used excessive force, to include more severe penalties should the victim be of elder age and or a minor.

According to KPRC –
The couple said police pulled them out of their truck after a family argument. The video shows police slamming them to the ground and punching them.

The video also appears to show, that same officer grab a handcuffed elder woman and slam her to the ground.

A lawsuit has been filed by the victims, stay tuned as we try to update..
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Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting was holding phone…

San Antonio, TX –

Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting was holding phone..

An officer who shot an killed Antronie Scott, a ’36-year-old man’ mistook his phone he was holding for a gun according to sources.

Our Opinion:

Officials are already releasing Scott’s history as if it mattered in the shooting, in what many are declaring a smear, can the public also hear the officer’s history as well?

It’s narrations like that,  what makes so many citizen’s across the nation feel so un-comfortable, when only the victim’s prior record is released at the time of a shooting.

An officers record should be released as well, after all the public has a right to know.



Stay tuned as we try to update..

BREAKING NEWS: Brian Encinia To Be Fired After Indictment of Perjury

Warning video above may be offensive


Sandra Bland’s arrest made headlines and sparked outrage, after a video was released showing her being arrested by Brian Encinia a Trooper, for allegedly failing to use her turn signal.

Encinia who claimed in an affidavit that Sandra Bland was “combative and uncooperative” after he pulled her over may have been the cause of his own indictment.

Because of a statement Encinia made in his probable cause affidavit, a grand jury was able to identify that affidavit and charge Encinia with perjury.

Encinia is in the process of being fired by DPS according to sources.

After the arrest, Bland an African-American woman, was later found dead in her jail cell three days later, in which an apparent suicide has been ruled.

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