Miami police searching for a woman who opened fire on three victims

If you have any information or know someone who does please contact a local police dept.
See more here – Miami Police Search for Female Robber Accused of Shooting 3, Including 12-Year-Old Boy

Breaking: El Cajon Reports Of Unarmed Black Man Shot By Police

According to Irate Productions a video post –

Reports of a 30 year old unarmed Black Man shot by El Cajon Police, who was allegedly having a seizure when his sister called 911 .

Protestors are outraged and are assembling according to sources, stay tuned as we try to gather more info..

(Warning Video Maybe Explicit and or Graphic)


President Obama Speaks On Mass Shooting #Orlando

We continue to ask if anyone has any additional information whether it be big or small even tiny to please contact law enforcement.

Our Prayers are with all those affected by this horrible and terrible tragedy…
Marching For Justice.

Fresno, CA: A Cold Blooded Killing Of Freddy Centeno?


Fresno, CA –

My view.. and opinion….

In one of the worst ambush style lynching’s I have ever seen… body camera video footage appears to show police ordering Freddy Centeno to hit the ground, in an instance with out hesitation police immediately open fire on Centeno hitting him 7 times, he would later die at age 40.

According to sources, Police would later say that Freddy Centeno (Un armed) reached for is waist in order to justify the killing…

Police Chief Jerry Dyer agrees citing that the officers were more than justified.


If there were good cops.. there would be NO BAD cops!

Why do I believe that?

Because the good cops would turn the bad ones in,.. so when a good cop does nothing but observe and stay silent they are just as equal as the bad cop.

Utah: Rally Planned Following Officer Involved Shooting

Protesters are planning a demonstration Monday evening in downtown Salt Lake City after police officers shot and critically wounded a black teenager during a street altercation on Saturday night.

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Salt Lake City Police Shooting Of Teen Sparks Protests

Salt Lake City –

According to sources, Protests began to grow in a neighborhood Saturday night after an officer involved shooting.

Rocks and other objects were thrown at police officers, according to witnesses.

Up to 100 officers or more responded to the scene some in riot gear.

The victim who has not yet been identified was allegedly holding part of a broomstick at his side when officers arrived according to a statement said.

ABC reported that a witness said “They told him to put it down, once,” Mohammad said, and “started shooting him as soon as he turned around.”

Stay tuned we will try and update, if you have any information on this incident let me hear your side.

Mich: Woman Gunned Down And Killed By Police Sparks Outrage…


An investigation is underway into the shooting death of a Detroit woman (Janet Wilson) killed by Dearborn police this past Wednesday night.

According to sources, Wilson was killed by multiple gunshots after she attempted to flee police, authorities allege.

The shooting occurred outside a Fairlane Town Center, The Medical Examiner’s Office, ruled the death a homicide, caused by multiple gunshot wounds.

Police are making far to many allegations in this incident including the all to familiar claim ‘The Driver Drove Towards an Officer’.


One should ask as to why? after a police chase, would anyone put their self in-front of a vehicle that was involved in a chase?

It just seems…. all the excuse needed to escalate a situation, which often turns fatal.

Question? If you deliberately put yourself in harms way, is that somewhat considered a type of premeditation?

Stay tuned as we try to update this tragedy.

Also watch: the Zachary Hammond Video

Should Police Be Given Mandatory Desk Duty After An Officer Involved Shooting?

I just read a Washington Post article whereas 55 officers whom were involved in shootings this year, it wasn’t their first time.

My opinion on this matter, is in hopes of a responsible government official or officials in figuring out a way to possibly create a bill, which will give a mandatory desk duty job for 3 to 5 years for any officer type involved shooting.

That time should start after a full and thorough  “most important” completed investigation  is completed.

I also believe that Police officers be required to carry a special liability insurance.

Just as a doctor carries malpractice insurance.

My Opinion:

This may seem funny, but think about it… It’s almost like having car insurance, the more accidents you have, the higher the premium. Should an Officer have many accidents then the Dept. may not want to pay the higher premium, thus possibly forcing the Officer to cover the added cost.

This would be a great idea as an added oversight.. If an Officer looses their insurance they should not be allowed to patrol the streets, until their insurance is re-instated and or they find an insurer that will insure them. Victims would be able to burry their loved ones at the cost of the insurance company.

I truly believe a mandatory bill and a special liability insurance would reduce many of the fatal shootings occurring across America in which many have resulted in a person being unarmed.

Is that to much to ask for?

What’s your thought?



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