El Cajon: Police Turn To Violence Against Protesters & Bystanders …

El Cajon, CA.

According to sources –

Protesters and Bystanders were assaulted and attacked by police on the third night of protests, regarding the shooting of Alfred Olango.
Video(s) appear to show police turning against people of the community they are supposed to serve and protect.

A witness/assault victim describes what happened to her as a bystander –

The first two nights were reported as extremely peaceful, why the third night and all the riot gear police appeared to have arrived in,..Is a question many in the community are beginning to ask.

Sources say protests are expected to continue throughout the weekend and longer if necessary until full transparency is relinquished includeing the release of the video that capture the killing of Olango.

Stay tuned.
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Oakland: Officer Uses Baton On Peaceful Protester

July 15 –

Again protesters displayed how peaceful and non-violent they were and in the video which was captured by CBS appeared to show that the only violence been committed was that of from an Officer.

The peaceful protester posed no threat and yet a baton appeared to be used against him..

Activists are now calling for the officer to go through additional training.

Utah: Rally Planned Following Officer Involved Shooting

Protesters are planning a demonstration Monday evening in downtown Salt Lake City after police officers shot and critically wounded a black teenager during a street altercation on Saturday night.

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Salt Lake City Police Shooting Of Teen Sparks Protests

Salt Lake City –

According to sources, Protests began to grow in a neighborhood Saturday night after an officer involved shooting.

Rocks and other objects were thrown at police officers, according to witnesses.

Up to 100 officers or more responded to the scene some in riot gear.

The victim who has not yet been identified was allegedly holding part of a broomstick at his side when officers arrived according to a statement said.

ABC reported that a witness said “They told him to put it down, once,” Mohammad said, and “started shooting him as soon as he turned around.”

Stay tuned we will try and update, if you have any information on this incident let me hear your side.

Thousands March In Support of NYPD Officer Peter Liang

Protestors gathered in Philadelphia’s Chinatown Saturday in support of Peter Liang, a former police officer whom was convicted of manslaughter for shooting an unarmed black man in Brooklyn.

Liang was fired after his conviction.

A group who calls themselves the ‘ Coalition of Justice for Liang ‘ staged rallies from Boston to Los Angeles,  it is said about 100,000 people took part in 30 cities across America.

Supporters believe officials punished Liang more so because of the overwhelming number of shootings around the US involving men, predominantly black, and unarmed by law enforcement.

Liang’s partner, Shaun Landau, was also  fired by the New York Police Department shortly after Liang was found guilty.

Protesters Demand New Trial For Avery And Dassey Case…

Protesters gathered Friday in Manitowoc in support for Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, believing they were wrongly convicted for a murder.

Many were seen peacefully holding signs and chanting, while walking around outside the courthouse.

Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey were convicted of a 2005 murder of Auto an Trader magazine photographer Teresa Halbach.

The television documentary titled “Making a Murderer,” which debuted late last year on Netflix, has sparked many questions including theories of conspiracy.

According to sources another program about the case is scheduled to be aired on Saturday, on NBC’s “Dateline”

Stay tuned as I try to update.

Tamir Rice Protesters Stand Outside McGinty’s Home…

JUSTICE TAMIR RICEProtesters demanding for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty to resign after a decision not to indict two white police officers in the shooting death of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy.

Hundreds of protesters marched to the home of Tim McGinty, Friday calling for him to resign.

The protesters stood outside McGinty’s home and remained peaceful during the protest.

McGinty, faces a March primary, in which he will face former assistant prosecutor Michael O’Malley.

Idaho: Rancher ‘Jack Yantis’ Killed In Police Encounter! Sparks Protest

Supporters of the Jack Yantis family march in Protest.

In an all to familiar story of a “police encounter” across the nation, once again a life is taken.

Jack Yantis, 62, died in front of his Adams County ranch on Nov. 1, after a encounter with police.

The peaceful march began from the Council Elementary School to the Adams County Courthouse.

In the video:

Very powerful statement ” We do not believe the sheriff’s office is telling the truth “.

My opinion:

That statement along with many others similar across the country is very foretelling.

It is how many citizens across the country feel when police are allowed to investigate themselves and or fellow officers.

My Final thought..

I ask, Is it to much to ask for in doing the right thing?
Many citizens across the country seek for fair and transparent investigations including the accountability on those whom don’t follow protocol, procedure and or break the law.

In other (un-related) cases across the nation..

Many police depts. have heard the voices from it’s citizens and are becoming a lil more transparent, some are even asking the assistance of the FBI and or DOJ to investigate along with them and or all together.

stay tuned as I will try to update this story.

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