Philadelphia, PA: Video Shows Officer Slam Handcuffed Man…

Philadelphia, PA —
A disturbing video was uploaded to Facebook showing a Philadelphia SEPTA police officer slam a handcuffed man to the concrete. The reason for the cop slamming down the non-violent man was that he was not obeying his command to sit.

As the video begins, the officer is threatening the man filming the interaction with arrest. He then turns his attention back to the man in handcuffs.

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Baltimore: 2 School Police Officers Charged In Assault On Teen

Warning video is graphic..

Anthony Spence (Baltimore Police via AP)

Take a good look at Officer Spence, 44 (left) he’s one of two charged in connection with a brutal beating of a teen captured on video.

Today Anthony Spencer walked out of jail pending his trial along with a fellow officer, Spence is facing  assault and misconduct in what many say those charges are way to minor, the mere fact that a teen was assaulted repeatedly and deliberately… is outrageous.

According to sources the beating was allegedly ordered,   Saverna Bias, 53 allegedly told her fellow officer, Anthony Spence, to use force against the teen. According to a witness, she said, “You need to smack him because he’s got too much mouth,”  

Both officers were allowed to turn themselves in on Tuesday night and were released shortly after on bond.

According to sources, many are now seeking for a full investigation into the backgrounds of both

Saverna Bias (Baltimore Police via AP)

Officers and will be asking anyone in the public who has come into contact with either officer to come forward if they have faced similar circumstances.

Stay tuned as we will update this…

TAMPA: Officer’s Courtroom Testimony Raises Many Concerns

Tampa –


When an officer pulls you over, should there be a good reason before or probable cause afterwards?

Sounds confusing to me.

This is where many citizens across the country become concerned with an officer’s actions.


Many of our viewers are already voicing their opinions on this case and are outraged as to what they just heard in testimony and agree with the defendant, citing they may take their issues to court and possibly file suit.

Shaq Surprises Florida Cop After Viral Hoops Video

A Florida cop (Bobby White) who responded to a noise complaint about kids playing basketball has gone viral, and has gained much positive attention across the nation.

Many are saying that an officer can make such a difference when distinguishing the difference of an officer’s actions whom shows up looking for action, as opposed to looking for re-action.

I must say this is one of my favorite video’s of all time, I truly hope that other depts. will follow in non-aggressive responses to calls which warrant no safety issues.

Watch how it started:

Then The After Math:

Video Appears To Show A Utah Cop May Have Done What?


In an incident that occurred almost a year ago where an officer was cleared in a fatal shooting of James Barker , has now sparked a new investigation.
A many of times viewers may get distracted by what they would like to see and hear as opposed to what they don’t see but hear.

I have watched this video numerous times and it is still unclear to me as to whether the sounds heard in the back ground are true (Un-edited) and or false.

I also can’t determine if the officer whom was leaning over the alleged victim ‘ James Barker ‘ was handcuffing him afterwards being shot.

While so many are quick to say ” Man shot in the back while handcuffed ” I prefer to wait until more viable evidence is made available, The only thing that disturbed me as a viewer but is (unconfirmed) is the alleged sounds that were heard during the video if in fact they are gun shots.

If this video was manipulated in anyway and or edited  deliberately ‘ that should be a first priority in the investigation. ‘



Chicago: Woman To Be Paid 875,000 After Officer Slams Her…

Chicago has agreed to pay $875,000 to Cassandra Feuerstein who accused a police officer “Michael Hart” of using excessive force after an arrest.

A video appears to show officer Michael Hart with the Skokie Police, shoving Feuerstein into a cell with her head striking a concrete bench type seat, After the brutal encounter She discovered that she had suffered serious injuries, According to sources.

Hart resigned after the incident which occurred in 2013, Hart also plead guilty to official misconduct.

This is just one of many examples in police facing scrutiny across America.

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