Baltimore: Forget Schools & Education, Lets Build More Jails and Make More $$$?

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen will the People be allowed to vote on these decisions? No wonder there’s a protest going on in Baltimore! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the jails are being built to put some of the very Citizens whom preside there… In them for housing. Education should have been the key long ago.

Since so much funding comes from other agencies like the Federal Government, Jails are a lucrative business. The one key fact is if a State, County or City can show a quota of arrests then the funding will flow in. This is part of the ongoing problem when connecting with communities.

So many innocent people are being arrested and locked up, even if it’s for a day, it generates income. They need only show the stats.

Baltimore protesters expressed they wanted Schools and Education and yet Jails overruled, and it’s not just happening in Baltimore this virus is spreading across  this great Nation. Now don’t get me wrong I believe in accountability, I don’t discredit needing jails; but building more? when will it stop?.

Lets think about it, More Jails = More Salaries and Local law Enforcement securing their future employment, while so many others are suffering.. That is where the theory of ‘ Police States ‘ come in. Soon while many are loosing their homes to foreclosures, those whom work and or run the Jail systems will be buying your home and possibly renting it to you.. How does that feel?

Here’s and Idea Build more Jails but share the benefits ‘ALL THE BENIFITS’ with those whom live in the community, like pensions, healthcare, funding for schools, teachers, youth programs, education, etc… Share the profits! after all it’s the community that’s being forced into dealing with it.

Baltimore: Police Complain About Work? BYE!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to a recent interview on CNN a shadowed Police Officer’s interview described the moral of Police being down in Baltimore, citing that Officers are being proactive, and blaming Commissioner Batts as one of the problems.

Here’s my Opinion: 

  1. Moral is Low because the Conduct of some Officers were brought to light!
  2. Moral is low because some Officers Can’t continue Harming American Citizens.
  3. Moral is Low because the World Believes that many Victims have been Created by the department, and on the rise.
  4. Proactive/ Does that mean you won’t do your duty! unless you can continue the path that history has shown and proved? (Fight Crime with Crime)?
  5. So your moral is low! well many of our morals are lost.
  6. No matter where you go! expect to be filmed by a Citizen or Citizens!
  7. Leaving one department to go to another won’t cut it, but being a good Cop will.

If you don’t like  your job or wanna cry like a lil B** then QUIT!  I’m confident that other Departments across the this great Country  won’t put up with your sh** either. Citizens will continue to arm themselves with camera’s and record police encounters because of incidents like the Freddie Gray Case including Walter Scott, also lets not forget Eric Harris, and I could go on… Remember the recent arrest of  Francis Pusok? that arrest cost a County $650k.

What I got out of this interview was a man acting like a child pouting about not being able to have what he wants. What are you saying? That you want to continue the path of conduct that the department has showed? why is it so hard to just follow protocol and do your job right?

My father was a Police Officer for 25 years and never once minded on lookers, photographers etc.. in-fact he did his job so well he was promoted to Sgt and could have gone further but chose not to he loved his community that much and wanted to continue working on the front line.

I support and encourage the recording of Police encounter(s) the world needs to see the good, the bad and ugly! which one will you be?

As an American, it is our Duty to root out Evil! More Citizens should file a Police Complaint if they feel they have been mis-treated by an Officer, just so it can stay on file in case it happens again with someone else, at least its documented and could show a possible recurring pattern of an Officer’s conduct.

I also believe that the Hiring practices of Law Enforcement  should examine a candidate’s history of relationships including present, because in my opinion Abuse starts at home, and extends to the Department, including girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, alternate work,  then forced onto a innocent victim.

Just Google ‘ abusive police relationships ‘  and discover yourself.

Commissioner Batts is not only trying to restore faith with a Community pulverized by his Department but now has to deal with some of his own Officer’s too? WTF!


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What do all these Victims have in common?

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Baltimore: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Supports limiting comments about police brutality settlements?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to The Baltimore Sun: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has backed up a proposal to limit comments on those who settle lawsuits regarding allegations of Police Brutality. Those whom settle out of court would only be allowed to discuss the case(s) with Accountants, Tax Preparers and Financial Consultants, but not to the Public and or with the News Media.

Should the Plaintiff(s) break their silence it could cost them thousands if not their settlement in reimbursements and or…

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y opinion:

This is exactly why many Citizens arm themselves with camera’s. Because of the wide spread difficulties of transparency of some Police Departments which are managed and or controlled by a Mayor.  At most times both working together as a team in most Cities and or Counties. If attempting to block, hide and of force victims to be silent how can we as a great nation continue to have faith in our Police and Local Government? This is not North Korea! by exposing the issues at hand and making them public only helps resolve issues by preventing them from happening again. So now we know that Baltimore like so many other Cities and Counties are revising and amending clauses to keep victims silent and to sweep police brutality claims under a rug so that voices cannot be heard from the victims  abused in the case(s) reflecting above.

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