Petition: Police Accountability Act! Holding Police Accountable For Their Actions


Ask Congress to Introduce into Legislation a Bill ‘Police Accountability Act’


To: Introduce into Legislation.

1. Mandatory, Police unions be held liable and forced to pay all legal fees for officers facing trial and or legal related matters, from either their Union funds and or police pensions.
2. Lawsuits payable involving any law enforcement officer and or dept. should be paid for by the police union and or from the police pension funds. Tax Payers, Citizens, City and or County should not be held liable.
3. No longer have Police investigate themselves and or fellow Officers.
4. Disciplinary officers may not have and prior record(s) showing complaints filed on them and should be rotated out every 3 years.
5. Ad more Accountability towards administration, superiors, unions including the mayor.
6. Mandatory requirement for the Justice Department to investigate all shootings.
7. Ask for the Justice Dept. to hire more agents and develop offices nationwide to monitor and or investigate Police shootings and misconduct(s).
8. Mandatory 3 to 5 year desk duty job for any officer type involved shooting.
9. Mandatory minimum suspension (without pay) if an Officer(s) is found to be Guilty of Misconduct of up to 12 months.
10. Police officers be required to carry a special liability insurance. If an Officer looses their insurance they should not be allowed to patrol the streets, until their insurance is re-instated and or they find an insurer that will insure them.
11. Mandatory Special Prosecutor to handle all Police cases.

We believe:

Administrations and Police unions are failing those whom protect us, we should ask ourselves? In the recent “indictments of officers and those whom were found guilty” how many prior complaints did they have? Where their superiors failed to discipline?
In our opinion this would save our Officers and put more of the blame at the root of the tragedies.


Marching For Justice will not stop pushing for a fairer Legislation alternative, we will be lobbying, campaigning, and making every opposition known to communities especially to the voters at election time.

If you have any ideas that we may have missed or have a better concept we would love to hear from you.
Together we CAN change the way Policing is conducted in America, it’s time for change! it’s time for accountability.

Thank you.

The Police Accountability Act! Holding Police Administrations Accountable Too..


Holding Police Accountable For Their Actions

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