Man Who Killed Deravis Caine Rogers Finally Indicted

NBC News also reports –

ATLANTA — A grand jury on Wednesday indicted a white former Atlanta police officer for murder and other counts in the death of an unarmed black man.

The Fulton County grand jury indicted James Burns on charges of felony murder, aggravated assault, making a false statement and two counts of violation of oath of office in the June 22 killing of 22-year-old Deravis Caine Rogers, according to defense attorney Drew Findling. Burns has been out on bond since his arrest.

Opinion –

Many people across the Nation have been waiting for this day to come and are once again hoping that this in another indictment of an officer sends a strong message to all law breaking law enforcement, that it could just be a matter of time that they too could end up as a defendant in a court of law.

Stay tuned as we continue to try and update this partial victory.

Muskogee: Video Appears To Show Police Assault An 84-Year Old Black Woman

According to FOX23 News Tulsa

Muskogee police release video of officer using pepper spray on 84-year-old woman.

Opinion –

The video appears to show an 84-year old woman being assaulted by a peace officer.

As usual, the video is never enough to take appropriate action(s) apparently more information is needed.

In the majority of cases where a white officer is seen in a confrontation with an afro American it tends to be the pattern, one has to ask? had this been a white woman would the result had been the same?

Chicago: Video Appears To Show Officer Kicking Head Of Suspect

A video appears to show a Chicago police officer kicking a man in the head.

His Family, friends and supporters were outraged of the actions by this police officer who has since been stripped of his duties and are demanding for another officer be investigated and or reviewed.

The blunt force trauma the victim endured was so powerful that he was knocked unconscious a witness said.
stay tuned.

SF: Unarmed Black Woman Killed By Cop Identified

According to SF GATE –

The woman whom was shot by a police sergeant has been identified as Jessica Williams, 29.

Williams, who the medical examiner said was from the Bay Area, died at San Francisco General Hospital.

The Daily Kos reported that –

Activists throughout the city had been calling on the police chief Greg Suhr to step down for months; five residents of the city engaged in a 17-day hunger strike as part of protests to get rid of Suhr. Ultimately, Suhr stepped down after being asked to by San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee, who had previously been Suhr’s strongest defender.


Fresno, CA: A Cold Blooded Killing Of Freddy Centeno?


Fresno, CA –

My view.. and opinion….

In one of the worst ambush style lynching’s I have ever seen… body camera video footage appears to show police ordering Freddy Centeno to hit the ground, in an instance with out hesitation police immediately open fire on Centeno hitting him 7 times, he would later die at age 40.

According to sources, Police would later say that Freddy Centeno (Un armed) reached for is waist in order to justify the killing…

Police Chief Jerry Dyer agrees citing that the officers were more than justified.


If there were good cops.. there would be NO BAD cops!

Why do I believe that?

Because the good cops would turn the bad ones in,.. so when a good cop does nothing but observe and stay silent they are just as equal as the bad cop.

Justice Department Sues City Of Ferguson

opinionAt a time when police face scrutiny across America it’s becoming more apparent that not only are citizens uniting in the fight for Justice but government too.

Cities across America are facing an overwhelming amount of lawsuits regarding their officers and seem to settle quite fast turning it’s victim(s) and often the families of victim(s) into millionaires at rate most would compare to the lottery. Many have expressed, that experienced leaders such as mayors and governors would seem to want to have a conversation with it’s citizens and officers in order to remedy the issues, but is it happening?

The cost of litigations could prove to be a crippling blow to the city of Ferguson and send a strong message to other cities across the country.

Complaints are already arising as to the costs that the City would endure just to proceed with the suit.

Many across America have voiced their opinions and are demanding a complete police reform including holding officer(s) accountable for their actions when breaking the law such as mandatory sentences and fines for minor offenses.

Though many on the police side including their supporters insist that there are an overwhelming amount of good police officers in the country, but many whom oppose those statements will argue the belief that ‘ if there were good cops out there, then there would be no bad cops ‘  that good cops are suppose to turn bad cops in, instead it’s the citizens that are forced to have to do it, either by way of lawsuits,  cell phone footage and or surveillance camera(s).

American victims seem to be tired and fed up!

Though indictments and or convictions of Officers (some former) seem to be on the rise, many will argue as to what actually led to arrests and convictions of those officers, and insist that most were not from a good cop that turned the bad ones in.

Many will be watching as to what happens on the Ferguson suit.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this story.

Video ‘ It’s Not Over ‘ Takes It’s Course Towards Viralism..

According to a YouTube channel labeled as Bernie Sanders 2016 the video was published Feb, 11 2016.

Is the feeling and longing for ‘Accountability’ more powerful than Experience and or Accomplishments?

In a powerful statement on a past Democratic Debate, ‘What Bernie Sanders said’ still resonates amongst many Citizens across the Nation.

‘Police Should Not Be Shooting Unarmed People’

Those maybe the 7 most remembered words ever said in a Democratic debate.

For those whom are still running for President, many voters will argue that some candidates had an opportunity to meet and speak with some very powerful social media leaders such as Deray McKesson, Rev. Jamal Bryant, Black Lives Matter, Shaun King and so many more, but chose a smaller platform of community leaders.

And it may now be to late for those who ignored them.

Many minorities including an overwhelming number of whites want to see ‘Accountability’ (To be blunt “Many said they would like to see Police Officer’s held accountable when breaking the law by way of prosecution and or jail time ) according to those I spoke too, and many have also agreed with Sanders message above.

But many have also expressed with great sincere that the Clinton’s have a long history, which stems back for decades of fighting for equality, criminal justice reform and racial justice, in-fact the Clinton’s have a proven track record in doing so when fighting for Latino’s and Afro Americans.

From what I was able to break down in recent conversations with Democratic and Republican supporters was a most truly amazing discovery to me.

According to those I spoke to:

Many Republicans were concerned that ‘ Placing police to high on a pedestal without acknowledging accountability could cost Republicans the election, as some were thinking of switching to the Democratic party.

The Republicans I spoke to also insisted that they have not heard anything about criminal justice reform except that out of Democrats.

Many Democrats are torn between Hillary Clinton’s Experience, Accomplishments and acknowledgement of Accountability Vs. Bernie Sanders repeated and well demonstrated arguments towards a Accountability, criminal Justice Reform, Campaign reform including a Political Revolution, in what many are saying they don’t think Sanders can accomplish many of his ideas.

‘So is it the feeling of hope for accountability’ that gives Sanders and his supporters so much momentum?.

My final thought:

What I believe is key in this election is ‘Accountability’ every time that issue is raised there is a surge in supporters and momentum towards the candidate that expressed it most.

So is it becoming clearer that America wants criminal justice reform and accountability?

America ‘We’ shall soon find out.

Note: Though candidates are also raising other very serious and important issues such as economy, health care and so on, it was those issues above that those whom I spoke to only seemed to want to discuss at the time.

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