Watch Christie Confront Rubio Live #GopDebate 25 Sec Memorized…


At the recent GOP Debate, it didn’t take long for (Gov) N.J. Chris Christie to call out Rubio on not answering the question(s) asked by the moderator(s).

From what I was able to see and hear it appeared that some members is the audience may have felt the same way, as I heard some oohs and ahhs.

Christies allegations of a ‘Scripted Speech’  that Rubio uses far to often may have shed some light to those watching. The Twitter community is already trending on this very issue.

In a video above Christie is heard  at least 4 times calling Rubio out  on a scripted speech which had little bearing on the question asked.

Other prior debates and or public speeches Rubio is heard saying the same and or familiar speeches, whether it is a scripted message or not,  many seem to agree with Christie on Rubio not fully answering the question asked.

Clinton At Sanders Debate Heats Up..

Thursday night’s debate, got a little heated between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Clinton said that Sanders has been making attacks by “insinuation” against her for quite some time and that if he has something to say to her, that he should just come out and “say it”,  “Enough is Enough” Clinton went on.

Clinton  also went on to say that she has never changed a view or a vote because of any donation that she ever received.

Sander’s appeared to quickly changed the subject and go on to other debate issues..

Clinton and Sanders are the last two Democratic presidential candidates standing, after former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley dropped the race.

My opinion:

I truly believe it is insulting and degrading when making “Insinuations” on someone’s character without having solid proof to back it up.

Clinton has been in politics for a very long time and has a proven track record of working hard to include many accomplishments.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, if there was any foul play in her earnings regarding her income ” It would had been caught long ago…”

And why is Sanders so concerned about her earnings now? Where was Sanders years ago when Clinton was getting paid for speeches? Everyone should have the right to make a honest living.

So I to say ” Enough is Enough “

S.F. Former City Official, Staffer Charged With Bribery..

A former official and an ex-staff member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission were charged with bribery and money laundering for their alleged role in soliciting bribes for political favors and access to Mayor Ed Lee, District Attorney George Gascón announced Friday.

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CA: Governor Signs Police Accountability Bills

Gov. Jerry Brown signed several high-profile bills on Tuesday, including two that aim to boost police accountability.

The “Right to Record Act” clarifies civilians’ right to videotape and photograph police officers in public. That bill, SB 411, was introduced by Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Democrat from Los Angeles.

Source: Governor Signs Police Accountability Bills –

Murrieta: Group Targets Former Marine Turned Mayor…

Murrieta, Ca.

Harry Ramos a Former Marine who not only served his Country but now is serving a City and it’s Residents! (He is the Current Mayor of The City Of Murrieta)  He won a seat on the council in 2012 after raising less than $1,000 during his campaign.

He’s being targeted because of the way he Votes many supporters say.

One supporter quoted Harry Ramos as “Hard working, strong willed and for the City and It’s Residents”. he’s a Straight forward person whom speaks from his own words! not scripted another supporter said…

harry ramos copy“I think after those whom spent so much money campaigning to win a seat, and here comes a guy out of no where with less than a 1,000 dollars and wins! was a trademark. It’s not about the money in campaigning! it’s about the will to do a great deed for the City and it’s Residents.. Harry Ramos has shown that.

“It was shocking to most opponents whom thought the more money the better the chance” another supporter continued.

Sources say Ed Faunce, is leading a coalition to have a Latino Mayor ‘Harry Ramos’ recalled and or..?.

In my various readings on this issue, Harry Ramos the Mayor of Murrieta voted against a project mixed of 80 condos and 230 apartments slated for land.

The Mayor was the only one whom voted against it, according to my readings.

According to an article on the Press Enterprise  it says that Ed Faunce is a Resident, is he JUST a resident?

Why is this important? I found it bizarre when reading the article on which labeled Ed Faunce as a ‘Resident’… There just has to be more to it.

So who is Ed Faunce?

Contradicting or Not?

Remember, current Mayor Harry Ramos the Mayor of Murrieta voted against a project mixed of 80 condos and 230 apartments slated for land.

So who is Ed Faunce? A Blogger?  A Spokesman?.

As I searched many other postings by an Ed Faunce it became apparent in my opinion that there are many articles in reference to Development.

I couldn’t read all of them because to me they were a bit contradicting and mostly confusing, but if your interested here’s the link:

After all the hogwash and non-sense reading about this Mayor in Murrieta, Ca. I have come to the opinion that Harry Ramos a former Marine (Current Mayor) who won a seat on the council in 2012 after raising less than $1,000 during his campaign, Is a good Mayor, a young Mayor fairly new to politics whom doesn’t rely and or is blind on influence of any sort, Mayor Harry Ramos votes on what he feels is best for the City of Murrieta and it’s Residents.

I researched his Facebook page and he seems quite actively involved with the City and Community, what was sadly disappointing, was that his page only had 62 likes at the time of this posting, which may not mean anything, maybe Murrieta Residents don’t use Facebook, what I do know is… (me personally) if I have an elected Official representing me, I would support that Official until proven otherwise, I will even Like the Official on Facebook (I can always un-like at anytime as well).

My final thought and opinion:

I normally don’t like to fight fire with fire but let me sting you just a bit…

Before you judge Mayor Harry Ramos take a look at one of the past Mayors of the City Of Murrieta:

Did an Ed Faunce talk about the Re-Election of Alan Long story? charged with DUI sued by Cheerleaders?

Murrieta seems to be a fine City staying on the outside of the all well known ‘Riverside uh-whatever you want to call it’ Murrieta should come together and support those who truly represent their best interests. Until it is “proven differently” don’t stop supporting those whom support and represent YOU!

It’s only fair for all involved.

Closing Thought:

At a time when California is suffering a water drought, wouldn’t more development mean more water usage? we may not think about it to much now, but I’m sure it will come up by the time our kids are grown.. Development is good when well planned…

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