Bring River Home: A Mother’s Quest For Her Son

In a video above Lonna is thanking all her supporters..

My latest opinion:

As I log on to twitter (daily) I kept stumbling on a recent topic or tweets for that matter, which showed a mother in what seems like a never ending battle “When fighting for their child” So I decided to look into it.

The tweets reminded me of how much love a parent has for their child, it was apparent to me this mother is not only in pain filled with hurt but that there is a certain un-just in her story.

One has to ask like so many other parents out there whom have their child taken away (so easy) with just a simple start of an allegation or allegations, what is the trauma a child endures psychologically? is it un imaginable? when being forced away from their natural home.

Many parents whom fall victim to such tragedies face the last resort whether it’s blogging and or social media, they quickly adapt and learn the two, because most news outlets fall short on these matters.

For parent(s) whom fight for their child or children many should ask? If they really were at fault and or didn’t care.. What would force them to post and share all of their experiences publicly? in many cases one may think the feeling of  humility prevents them from exposing their story “but its not” Its the mere fact that a parent must show how unjust a legal system can be, a system that usually forces families to share their story with others.

I write this entry because I know so many of you out there may not care of such tragedies as this one example.. Many will argue the caring usually begins when it happens to you and or someone close to you.

But if you can’t imagine for one moment what many accused parents go through daily, take your time and read the story below.

I applaud all brave and pain filled parents out there whom continue to show the world! that they will  NEVER give up on their child and or children. Stay strong, be patient and have faith.

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Are Administrations Failing Our Police Officers?


Are administrations and unions Failing our officers? One has to ask “how many times”, did any of these officers have a prior complaint? and what was the outcome? Would adequate oversight had prevented this?.

Pedro Abad   Jason Van Dyke    Michael Slager    Daniel Holtzclaw  Ray Tensing  and so many more..

Many believe that officers generally take the advice and or direction of their superiors, when facing a trial and or discipline and in the end “it is the officer” who is facing the charge(s) “alone” while administration (Police union, chief, mayor etc..) stand on the sideline with very little blame and or immunity.

Police officers are generally the first to blame, but should they be held accountable alone?

This is an important question, if an officer can show and or prove, that in their past they have been written up for a prior complaint(s) and their administration failed to properly address it, would that make them an accessory?

Is America loosing officers due to failed administration? is it fair to officers?

Yes! in many times I blame administration, why? because I truly believe that many times officers are NOT disciplined fully in complaints, and if you can get away with one after another, a pattern begins to grow and from there it continues, because poor supervision has survived it in the past.

I truly believe we should be looking into the records of those in charge of disciplining (that could be a start for many answers).

Officers depend and rely on responsible administration is it to much to ask for?

Many say that Mayor’s are quick to throw the blame on the officer while police unions stand by their officer, but should they be held accountable too? again it is the officer whom faces the risk of prosecution ALONE!

Just take a look at some recent cases, involving many officers facing trial, and if found guilty they will most likely go to jail while administration goes home and prepares for new recruits Sounds Awful?.

Then ask yourself this: Have you ever heard “Our administration failed the officer?”.

I mean really, what do you expect outcomes to be when police continue to investigate their fellow officers?

I write this story as an opinion hoping to stir a debate, to raise awareness and theories and even possible answers.

My final thought:

If lawsuits regarding officer related issues were paid for by Police unions and or police pensions funds rather than by Cities, Counties, and or the Tax payers, it would bring a major change in policing.

My sympathy goes out those those below:

Many officers have families, parents, children, wives, husbands etc. who depend on a responsible administration, is it fair to them that their loved one faces a possibility of conviction alone? Did they not believe that guidelines were set to be enforced in disciplinary actions which could prevent situations like those above?

Is it fair to the Victims, Officers, Families and Friends? Is it Fair to Citizens? Is it?

The opinions above does not condone any of the actions that an officer makes when breaking a law(s), but the bared responsibility should be shared as a whole with its entity of accountability.


Officers.. Their accountability deserves to be shared.



Should Police Be Given Mandatory Desk Duty After An Officer Involved Shooting?

I just read a Washington Post article whereas 55 officers whom were involved in shootings this year, it wasn’t their first time.

My opinion on this matter, is in hopes of a responsible government official or officials in figuring out a way to possibly create a bill, which will give a mandatory desk duty job for 3 to 5 years for any officer type involved shooting.

That time should start after a full and thorough  “most important” completed investigation  is completed.

I also believe that Police officers be required to carry a special liability insurance.

Just as a doctor carries malpractice insurance.

My Opinion:

This may seem funny, but think about it… It’s almost like having car insurance, the more accidents you have, the higher the premium. Should an Officer have many accidents then the Dept. may not want to pay the higher premium, thus possibly forcing the Officer to cover the added cost.

This would be a great idea as an added oversight.. If an Officer looses their insurance they should not be allowed to patrol the streets, until their insurance is re-instated and or they find an insurer that will insure them. Victims would be able to burry their loved ones at the cost of the insurance company.

I truly believe a mandatory bill and a special liability insurance would reduce many of the fatal shootings occurring across America in which many have resulted in a person being unarmed.

Is that to much to ask for?

What’s your thought?



Film The Police: How To Hold The Cops Accountable..

We found a great read while searching the internet, on filming the police, how to hold cops accountable for their actions etc… be sure to click the link…

AUSTIN, Texas — From the Rodney King incident in 1991 to more recent incidents like the deaths of Eric Garner and Freddie Gray, we might never know the appalling reality of modern police brutality if it weren’t for video recorded by bystanders.

Source: Film The Police: How To Use Your Smartphone To Hold Cops Accountable

Miss: Video Appears To Show Troopers Excessive Force on a Lt. Governor.. Candidate

Good thing this driver wasn’t smoking a cigarette.

These are the kind of stops that happen far to frequently, it is almost a reminder of the Sandra Bland Stop.

In todays world, Police seem to pull citizens over for  minor infractions all the time. After all that work to find out that it is only the minor infraction at hand,.. Police attempt to escalate the situation by degrading the citizens they protect and serve, whether it’s to step out the vehicle, or put a cigarette out! and or any other issue they feel might spark a situation.

According to the video: State Troopers Body slam a Lt. Governor Candidate (Jelani Barr)  after a minor traffic stop.

This video is very clear to me, that there was absolutely no threat and no reason for this State Trooper to order this driver out of the vehicle other than to abuse his power and authority.

It was clear from the beginning that this Trooper pulled the driver over for speeding as stated, identification and paperwork was produced by the driver upon demand, However looking at the video it appears that it was to easy for the trooper. A simple ticket just wasn’t enough.

Closing thoughts:

When an Officer asks you to step out a vehicle and you know you’ve done nothing wrong just comply, and ask the Officer what are you being accused of? if that Officer says it’s for the Officer(s) safety then you have just been deemed a threat! an accusation that can be used for further legal matters.

It’s called Fishing (Looking for something other than what was said they pulled you over for, or a flat out lie), from that point you should have the right to deny any consent unless a warrant is produced.

If you ever feel that an Officer is fishing or denying your rights it’s important to file a complaint not only with the Dept. that the Officer is with but to also send a letter of notice to the DOJ and or FBI.

The only way to stop this nonsense is by logs and track records after so many it could show and or prove a pattern the Officer(s) may have should there be a history of events.

But of course I’m no expert, and can only state my opinions in the above mentioned.

NOTE: The Officer kept bragging ‘You’re going to Jail’ Was there a threat? Officer never mentioned Safety Issues or did he?

Colorado FOP: Comment On Dead Suspect Sparks Outrage


This is absolutely disgusting:

The Colorado FOP acted no better than THUGS in their comment, with no regard of life.

This was the ColoraadoFOP’s Responding comment posted..
(according to sources: The investigation is still ongoing ) so does this comment show prejudice and or premeditation? To say ‘SUSPECT DECIDED THEIR OWN FATE’ Can the ColoradoFOP prove that as of now?

Note: This Organization has chosen to keep their community and tweets private now click [divider] It appears the Colorado Police Department did not condone the ColoradoFOP’s comment as it was deleted. Additional Comments were posted praising the shooting look at the Tweet, there was no information as to why the shooting occurred, and yet many praised a person loosing their life with comments like ‘Good Shoot’ and more.

This is just one of may reasons why so many activists are born, and become watchers of the police by filming their actions.

We will be donating 100 mini dv cams for that remark, to the Citizens they allegedly represent in the surrounding communities, their comment truly warrants this.

Petition: Police Accountability Act! Holding Police Accountable For Their Actions

Ask Congress to Introduce into Legislation a Bill ‘Police Accountability Act’


To: Introduce into Legislation.

1. Mandatory, Police unions be held liable and forced to pay all legal fees for officers facing trial and or legal related matters, from either their Union funds and or police pensions.
2. Lawsuits payable involving any law enforcement officer and or dept. should be paid for by the police union and or from the police pension funds. Tax Payers, Citizens, City and or County should not be held liable.
3. No longer have Police investigate themselves and or fellow Officers.
4. Disciplinary officers may not have and prior record(s) showing complaints filed on them and should be rotated out every 3 years.
5. Ad more Accountability towards administration, superiors, unions including the mayor.
6. Mandatory requirement for the Justice Department to investigate all shootings.
7. Ask for the Justice Dept. to hire more agents and develop offices nationwide to monitor and or investigate Police shootings and misconduct(s).
8. Mandatory 3 to 5 year desk duty job for any officer type involved shooting.
9. Mandatory minimum suspension (without pay) if an Officer(s) is found to be Guilty of Misconduct of up to 12 months.
10. Police officers be required to carry a special liability insurance. If an Officer looses their insurance they should not be allowed to patrol the streets, until their insurance is re-instated and or they find an insurer that will insure them.
11. Mandatory Special Prosecutor to handle all Police cases.

We believe:

Administrations and Police unions are failing those whom protect us, we should ask ourselves? In the recent “indictments of officers and those whom were found guilty” how many prior complaints did they have? Where their superiors failed to discipline?
In our opinion this would save our Officers and put more of the blame at the root of the tragedies.


Marching For Justice will not stop pushing for a fairer Legislation alternative, we will be lobbying, campaigning, and making every opposition known to communities especially to the voters at election time.

If you have any ideas that we may have missed or have a better concept we would love to hear from you.
Together we CAN change the way Policing is conducted in America, it’s time for change! it’s time for accountability.

Thank you.

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