Justice Department Sues City Of Ferguson

opinionAt a time when police face scrutiny across America it’s becoming more apparent that not only are citizens uniting in the fight for Justice but government too.

Cities across America are facing an overwhelming amount of lawsuits regarding their officers and seem to settle quite fast turning it’s victim(s) and often the families of victim(s) into millionaires at rate most would compare to the lottery. Many have expressed, that experienced leaders such as mayors and governors would seem to want to have a conversation with it’s citizens and officers in order to remedy the issues, but is it happening?

The cost of litigations could prove to be a crippling blow to the city of Ferguson and send a strong message to other cities across the country.

Complaints are already arising as to the costs that the City would endure just to proceed with the suit.

Many across America have voiced their opinions and are demanding a complete police reform including holding officer(s) accountable for their actions when breaking the law such as mandatory sentences and fines for minor offenses.

Though many on the police side including their supporters insist that there are an overwhelming amount of good police officers in the country, but many whom oppose those statements will argue the belief that ‘ if there were good cops out there, then there would be no bad cops ‘  that good cops are suppose to turn bad cops in, instead it’s the citizens that are forced to have to do it, either by way of lawsuits,  cell phone footage and or surveillance camera(s).

American victims seem to be tired and fed up!

Though indictments and or convictions of Officers (some former) seem to be on the rise, many will argue as to what actually led to arrests and convictions of those officers, and insist that most were not from a good cop that turned the bad ones in.

Many will be watching as to what happens on the Ferguson suit.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this story.

Watch Christie Confront Rubio Live #GopDebate 25 Sec Memorized…


At the recent GOP Debate, it didn’t take long for (Gov) N.J. Chris Christie to call out Rubio on not answering the question(s) asked by the moderator(s).

From what I was able to see and hear it appeared that some members is the audience may have felt the same way, as I heard some oohs and ahhs.

Christies allegations of a ‘Scripted Speech’  that Rubio uses far to often may have shed some light to those watching. The Twitter community is already trending on this very issue.

In a video above Christie is heard  at least 4 times calling Rubio out  on a scripted speech which had little bearing on the question asked.

Other prior debates and or public speeches Rubio is heard saying the same and or familiar speeches, whether it is a scripted message or not,  many seem to agree with Christie on Rubio not fully answering the question asked.

Clinton At Sanders Debate Heats Up..

Thursday night’s debate, got a little heated between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Clinton said that Sanders has been making attacks by “insinuation” against her for quite some time and that if he has something to say to her, that he should just come out and “say it”,  “Enough is Enough” Clinton went on.

Clinton  also went on to say that she has never changed a view or a vote because of any donation that she ever received.

Sander’s appeared to quickly changed the subject and go on to other debate issues..

Clinton and Sanders are the last two Democratic presidential candidates standing, after former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley dropped the race.

My opinion:

I truly believe it is insulting and degrading when making “Insinuations” on someone’s character without having solid proof to back it up.

Clinton has been in politics for a very long time and has a proven track record of working hard to include many accomplishments.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, if there was any foul play in her earnings regarding her income ” It would had been caught long ago…”

And why is Sanders so concerned about her earnings now? Where was Sanders years ago when Clinton was getting paid for speeches? Everyone should have the right to make a honest living.

So I to say ” Enough is Enough “

Oregon: Video Appears To Show Officer Attempting To Stop Vehicle With Body

ORG GIFIn yet another incident involving a fatal shooting, In a video released by the FBI, it appears to show an officer advance towards a vehicle moments before  Robert LaVoy Finicum was shot and killed.

The video appears to show the officer advance towards a rapidly approaching vehicle as if to attempt to stop the vehicle with their body. ( See Video Here )

Many are calling it bizarre, and are asking if that is protocol?

As in many other shootings (un-related) such as the Zachary Hammond, Sam Dubose, and the recent killing of of a Detroit woman ‘ Janet Wilson ‘, many are questioning, if a different type of training maybe needed for officer’s whom respond to pursuits including traffic stops.

Far to often the narrative will read ” Driver drove towards the officer ” or ” officer feared for their safety ” and so on… but in many cases narrative may not explain the full scenario.


One should ask as to why? would anyone put their self in-front of a vehicle that was involved in a chase?

It just seems…. all the excuse needed to escalate a situation, which often turns fatal.

We wrote this story in efforts to raise awareness.


Protesters Demand New Trial For Avery And Dassey Case…

Protesters gathered Friday in Manitowoc in support for Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, believing they were wrongly convicted for a murder.

Many were seen peacefully holding signs and chanting, while walking around outside the courthouse.

Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey were convicted of a 2005 murder of Auto an Trader magazine photographer Teresa Halbach.

The television documentary titled “Making a Murderer,” which debuted late last year on Netflix, has sparked many questions including theories of conspiracy.

According to sources another program about the case is scheduled to be aired on Saturday, on NBC’s “Dateline”

Stay tuned as I try to update.

Minn. Deputy Pleads Guilty To Beating K-9

The incident occurred on or about June 15th 2015, at the Black Bear Casino Resort

In one of the worst cases of animal cruelty video’s I have ever seen, what makes it more disturbing is that Brett Berry is a “Ramsey County Deputy”  an 18-year-veteran who only faces up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $3,000 due to a plea deal according to sources.

An in-justice to accountability in my opinion.

One has to ask, had it been any other person other than law enforcement, what would the charges had been including jail time and fines?

The judge who heard the case has deferred whether to accept the plea deal until the Feb. 17th sentencing date.

A casino video surveillance captured Berry, 48,  assaulting the K9 also known as ‘Boone’ on a parking lot, Boone was able to escape briefly before being trapped at an entrance, where Berry continued striking Boone several more times.

Video Appears To Show A Utah Cop May Have Done What?


In an incident that occurred almost a year ago where an officer was cleared in a fatal shooting of James Barker , has now sparked a new investigation.
A many of times viewers may get distracted by what they would like to see and hear as opposed to what they don’t see but hear.

I have watched this video numerous times and it is still unclear to me as to whether the sounds heard in the back ground are true (Un-edited) and or false.

I also can’t determine if the officer whom was leaning over the alleged victim ‘ James Barker ‘ was handcuffing him afterwards being shot.

While so many are quick to say ” Man shot in the back while handcuffed ” I prefer to wait until more viable evidence is made available, The only thing that disturbed me as a viewer but is (unconfirmed) is the alleged sounds that were heard during the video if in fact they are gun shots.

If this video was manipulated in anyway and or edited  deliberately ‘ that should be a first priority in the investigation. ‘



BREAKING NEWS: Brian Encinia To Be Fired After Indictment of Perjury

Warning video above may be offensive


Sandra Bland’s arrest made headlines and sparked outrage, after a video was released showing her being arrested by Brian Encinia a Trooper, for allegedly failing to use her turn signal.

Encinia who claimed in an affidavit that Sandra Bland was “combative and uncooperative” after he pulled her over may have been the cause of his own indictment.

Because of a statement Encinia made in his probable cause affidavit, a grand jury was able to identify that affidavit and charge Encinia with perjury.

Encinia is in the process of being fired by DPS according to sources.

After the arrest, Bland an African-American woman, was later found dead in her jail cell three days later, in which an apparent suicide has been ruled.

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