Man Who Killed Deravis Caine Rogers Finally Indicted

NBC News also reports –

ATLANTA — A grand jury on Wednesday indicted a white former Atlanta police officer for murder and other counts in the death of an unarmed black man.

The Fulton County grand jury indicted James Burns on charges of felony murder, aggravated assault, making a false statement and two counts of violation of oath of office in the June 22 killing of 22-year-old Deravis Caine Rogers, according to defense attorney Drew Findling. Burns has been out on bond since his arrest.

Opinion –

Many people across the Nation have been waiting for this day to come and are once again hoping that this in another indictment of an officer sends a strong message to all law breaking law enforcement, that it could just be a matter of time that they too could end up as a defendant in a court of law.

Stay tuned as we continue to try and update this partial victory.

LAPD Brutal Beating Of Man Sparks Outrage

According to – wsh DAY 10
2014 Footage Released Shows The LAPD Kicking And Hitting A Man As He Lays Face Down On The Street
2014 video has been released that shows a Los Angeles police officer assaulting a man cops were trying to apprehend in the middle of a street in South L.A. Two officers were already holding Clinton Alford Jr. to the ground when officer Richard Garcia came in to kick the man in his head.

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Opinion –
It’s no surprise to residents in California that these types of incidents happen not on a regular basis but as a pattern within Law Enforcement.
In many cases officers are rarely disciplined if at all, most of the times they are usually transferred and or relocated to a community near you.
Often times people whom watch don’t take notice until it happens to them and or someone close to them.

Police misconduct MUST face a minimum mandatory jail sentence if found in neglet, and that’s what we will push for.

Trump Campaign Policy Advisor Sam Clovis Guarantee Worthless?

Here we go again, and it may not be the last time that someone involved in the Trump campaign willing to give out a guarantee that ends up being no good ” Many People Have Said ”

If you listen to Sam Clovis, he didn’t appear to want to throw Katrina Pierson under the bus but gave a guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again!

guess what..

” It Happened Again ” and it took less than 3 weeks for it to happen.

Opinion –

I’m beginning to be at a lost of words for Trump’s campaign, not only is it filled with what ” Many People Have Said ” ” Lies ” Sarcasm ” and the list goes on and on.

Now in a recent attempt to distort the truth and deceive viewers of CNN, Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson says “Barack Obama went into Afghanistan”, either she is doing it deliberately, intentionally and or like Donald Trump has very little clue as to what truly occurred.

Pierson’s comments once again demonstrate that Trump’s campaign has little if any real legitimate organization when dealing with facts.

America cannot afford to have Trump as President, for it would be to hard to gain truth and or facts from an administration whom has shown how they operate during a campaign.

At this point I must confess that I take Trump’s campaign as pure entertainment with no viable alternative of trying to win…
(The Inside Leak)

Oakland: Officer Uses Baton On Peaceful Protester

July 15 –

Again protesters displayed how peaceful and non-violent they were and in the video which was captured by CBS appeared to show that the only violence been committed was that of from an Officer.

The peaceful protester posed no threat and yet a baton appeared to be used against him..

Activists are now calling for the officer to go through additional training.

Fresno: Dylan Noble Unarmed Killed By Police Why The Shotgun?

Fresno, CA –
Many are outraged after seeing the video produced by Fresno PD. from the body worn cam on the day that police shot and killed a white male un-armed.

According to sources,.. Two of the officers said to be involved, one has at least 20 years of experience and the other with about 17 years.

Noble was shot 3 times from an officer’s pistol with a fourth shot being from a shotgun.

Now many are questioning the issues as to whether or not if it was over kill?

Warning video maybe graphic to some viewers..

Stay tuned..

Deray McKesson Ambushed By Police Sparks Outrage

Opinion –

It appeared that it was either a well planned Lynching – Kidnapping or worse Deray McKesson was targeted by Police..

The video sends another message and shock wave across the world and once again shows how officers can quickly run up on a victim they create from behind and arrest with out an explanation as to why.

The blatant disrespect that these officers presented went even further, as peaceful demonstrators attempted to ask why was McKesson being arrested and hauled off reminded me of a Lynching or far worse a kidnapping as officers ignored to respond as for the reason McKesson was being arrested.

The Washington Post shows a picture of police hauling McKesson away as if McKesson was a trophy, as in bragging rights as to which officer would arrest this peaceful man.

The video is disturbing but very telling, just to how many others have been arrested in this manner is unknown but raises concern and most definitely stirs more division.

Take a good look at this photo and ask your selves if these officers look proud, and look in the background as one officer appears to be filming the capture of a peaceful protestor.

Keep up with more here #FreeDeray

Video Emerges Of Delrawn Small Being Killed By NYPD Off-Duty

According to a video –
Newly released surveillance cam video of the shooting of Delrawn Small by off-duty NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs during a road rage incident on July 4th.
Opinion –
Again as I’ve seen this time and time after time…
Was medical aide rendered to the fallen victim?

According to sources the N.Y. Attorney General is probing this incident
but like so many other incidents that are probed by local connections the killer will almost certainly walk away free in which many are citing that it only incites more of similar types incidents to occur.
When people can simply just kill and face almost no penalties, it can enrage chaos and or dis-order.
Congress should act and make it mandatory that any officer involved shooting and those involved should be given an automatic 3-5 year desk duty.

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