WikiLeaks, Trump University And Some Theories?

Opinion –

It’s like waiting to see who has the last laugh or is it? asks one person.

Certainly there is nothing funny, While Donald Trump relies on many of the WikiLeaks emails,..

Many in America are waiting for a Trump University Case to start in Late November.

At a time when many on the social media where waiting for the famous “October Surprise” of a batch of stolen emails to be released from a website which is known for publishing stolen belongings of others.

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump seemed to have momentum.

Not so much now and it could get worse..

A minor email leak was released which was met with a Donald Trump video which he boasts about grabbing women by the P**sy.

WikiLeaks again releases more batches of stolen emails and again is met with women coming forward of allegations of Trump’s conduct.

And the ole saying ” We Can Do This All Day Long ” could be real..

Almost like poker you show a lil, and is met with a lil..

A waiting game to see who has the bigger hand?

Will WikiLeaks be blamed if  The Trump University Lawsuit rules in favor of the plaintiffs?

Or Other Pending Lawsuits?

Many People are saying,.. That should Trump loose it may be an excuse as to why?

What do you think?

So stay tuned..


Fairfax: John Geer’s Killer Gets 1 Year Sentence

According to the Washington Post –

The former Fairfax County police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man in his doorway in 2013 was sentenced to a year in jail Friday for involuntary manslaughter, over the vehement objection of the victim’s mother. Having already served more than 10 months behind bars, the officer will be released next week, Fairfax sheriff’s officials said.

Opinions –

I am totally speechless on this matter, to think someone could be killed in Virginia and only face 1 year,.. sends a strong message to the outstanding citizens whom reside there.

Geer will leave behind a beautiful family forever, and Virginia’s Judicial system thought it was appropriate,. that the cost of ones life was worth only a year that the suffering for the victims of the  family to endure,. Should last forever.

In many instances many people don’t pay attention as to  just how important accountability truly is, until it has effected someone either close to them and or a loved one.

I’ve said it before and will say it again, It is important to choose wisely when you vote… ” You’re Vote Matters “.

John Geer

John Geer

RIP, John Geer our push for accountability will continue.

Florida: All White Jury Acquits White Ex-Deputy In Beating Of Black Man..

Marion County, FL –

Marion County, Florida, Jail

Derrick Price: Marion County, Florida, Jail

An all-white Federal jury has found Jesse Alan Terrell a white former Marion County Florida sheriff’s deputy not guilty in the beating of an unarmed black man ” Derrick Price, ”  even though other deputies who testified against  Terrell, who were also white, pleaded guilty and are await sentencing.

Terrell was one of five former deputies being prosecuted by the federal government for a horrific beating of a black man.

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Baltimore: 2 School Police Officers Charged In Assault On Teen

Warning video is graphic..

Anthony Spence (Baltimore Police via AP)

Take a good look at Officer Spence, 44 (left) he’s one of two charged in connection with a brutal beating of a teen captured on video.

Today Anthony Spencer walked out of jail pending his trial along with a fellow officer, Spence is facing  assault and misconduct in what many say those charges are way to minor, the mere fact that a teen was assaulted repeatedly and deliberately… is outrageous.

According to sources the beating was allegedly ordered,   Saverna Bias, 53 allegedly told her fellow officer, Anthony Spence, to use force against the teen. According to a witness, she said, “You need to smack him because he’s got too much mouth,”  

Both officers were allowed to turn themselves in on Tuesday night and were released shortly after on bond.

According to sources, many are now seeking for a full investigation into the backgrounds of both

Saverna Bias (Baltimore Police via AP)

Officers and will be asking anyone in the public who has come into contact with either officer to come forward if they have faced similar circumstances.

Stay tuned as we will update this…

TAMPA: Officer’s Courtroom Testimony Raises Many Concerns

Tampa –


When an officer pulls you over, should there be a good reason before or probable cause afterwards?

Sounds confusing to me.

This is where many citizens across the country become concerned with an officer’s actions.


Many of our viewers are already voicing their opinions on this case and are outraged as to what they just heard in testimony and agree with the defendant, citing they may take their issues to court and possibly file suit.

Justice Department Sues City Of Ferguson

opinionAt a time when police face scrutiny across America it’s becoming more apparent that not only are citizens uniting in the fight for Justice but government too.

Cities across America are facing an overwhelming amount of lawsuits regarding their officers and seem to settle quite fast turning it’s victim(s) and often the families of victim(s) into millionaires at rate most would compare to the lottery. Many have expressed, that experienced leaders such as mayors and governors would seem to want to have a conversation with it’s citizens and officers in order to remedy the issues, but is it happening?

The cost of litigations could prove to be a crippling blow to the city of Ferguson and send a strong message to other cities across the country.

Complaints are already arising as to the costs that the City would endure just to proceed with the suit.

Many across America have voiced their opinions and are demanding a complete police reform including holding officer(s) accountable for their actions when breaking the law such as mandatory sentences and fines for minor offenses.

Though many on the police side including their supporters insist that there are an overwhelming amount of good police officers in the country, but many whom oppose those statements will argue the belief that ‘ if there were good cops out there, then there would be no bad cops ‘  that good cops are suppose to turn bad cops in, instead it’s the citizens that are forced to have to do it, either by way of lawsuits,  cell phone footage and or surveillance camera(s).

American victims seem to be tired and fed up!

Though indictments and or convictions of Officers (some former) seem to be on the rise, many will argue as to what actually led to arrests and convictions of those officers, and insist that most were not from a good cop that turned the bad ones in.

Many will be watching as to what happens on the Ferguson suit.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this story.

NYPD Officer Peter Liang found guilty in death of Akai Gurley, faces up to 15 years!

A New York Police Department Officer Peter Liang who shot an unarmed man dead, was found guilty on charges related to the death of Akai Gurley which occurred back in 2014.

It took about 17 hours for a jury to decide Liang’s fate. Liang faces up to 15-years in prison, his attorneys plan to appeal.

As the verdict was read, Liang appeared to have dropped his head, Liang was also fired from his position as an Officer after the conviction.

According to sources, after Gurley was shot; Liang allegedly did not attempt to resuscitate Gurley in any way, citing that,  it would be better to wait for professional aid.

NEWARK: Former Officer Sent To Prison For False Police Reports

Former Bloomfield Police Officer Orlando Trinidad wipes a tear off his face while appearing in Superior Court where he was sentenced to 5 years in state prison.

A jury found Orlando and co-defendant, Officer Sean Courter, guilty of official misconduct and …

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California: Jury awards man shot by San Jose police $11.3 million

SAN JOSE — In a sign that national concerns about the use of force by police have spread to San Jose, a federal jury here has awarded the largest law enforcement payout in the city’s history — $11.3 million — to a Vietnamese man shot in the back by a San Jose cop last year and paralyzed from the waist down.

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