Boycotting The Trump Brands It’s Working And Taking A Toll

Sales are down Charities are cancelling to include two hotels and the list continues..

As Donald Trump continues to push his rhetoric not only towards the NFL but also his support for an alleged child molester it appears many don’t want to have anything associated to the Trump Brand.

At a time when many athletes would stay at his hotels, not so much anymore.

Sources are reporting that Trumps major source of income has dwindled upon relying on his own stays at his properties where his admin can charge not only for the rental of the place, living arrangements, food, travel etc.. but also the staff security and more..

At the rate Trump is going, many have said the Trump empire will be in huge financial trouble in less than 3 years.

When anyone attempts to block our freedom of speech or right to protest, we will retaliate with our voices, marches but most importantly our wallets.

Can you feel us now Donald Trump?

Did A Former General Lie?

Credit: National review

That seems to be the growing question surrounding a former General ” John Kelly “.

Opinion –

If Kelly lied, I must say that, it is a dishonor and a dis-service to all men and women whom wear and or have formally worn any uniform of the united states military.

Even more so to Gold Star Families and to those whom have fallen.

Will Kelly reiterate what he said? or what most people say…

” crawl under a rock and hide “?

I watched the video ” A many of them “… and a many of times.

Tell me what you think –

Then there’s this…

North Dakota: Water Cannons Used at Standing Rock

At first there were reports that no water canons were used! that was a lie, and to any agency while in uniform and or on the clock being paid whom reported those statements should face disciplinary actions.

There are other reports that rubber bullets/tear gas/ concussion grenades were also used.

Live feeds are being reported as shut down.

In almost every report I have read it has stated ” Peaceful Protestors Are being attacked

They even tried to take the Drone out (See end of video) Below

Jason Chaffetz Should Appear Before A Committee For Questions

Many people are saying it’s a retaliation move, 3 weeks ago today (On a Friday) a tape of Donald Trump was released with him bragging about sexual assault.

Today on this Friday, FBI Director James Comey put out what many are saying was an intended, reckless and half hazardly statement which may have been intended to sway an election.

Jason Chaffetz now an avid supporter of Donald J Trump whom has made it clear that he will vote for the Republican nominee so why the sudden change?

Chaffetz appears to have been the first informed of what many are saying is a politically motivated attempt at suppressing votes.
This tweet could prove damning..

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