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Boycotting The Trump Brands It’s Working And Taking A Toll

Sales are down Charities are cancelling to include two hotels and the list continues.. As Donald Trump continues to push his rhetoric not only towards the NFL but also his support for an alleged child molester it appears many don’t want to have anything associated to the Trump Brand. At a time when many athletes […]

Protesters in LA and New York marched against Pres. Trump

Protesters in LA and New York marched against Pres. Trump yesterday, some chanting "Everybody knows, Trump and Pence have got to go." pic.twitter.com/PvmmaAKNWp — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) November 5, 2017

Tomi Lahren From Russian Probe To ” Don’t Get Me Wrong”?

I’m Confused after this video… .@TomiLahren on Russia Probe: 'Corrupt Politicians Wasting Our Time and Money' MORE: https://t.co/zae0rjPrrj pic.twitter.com/UYeGcOLcun — FoxNewsInsider (@FoxNewsInsider) October 31, 2017 Seriously? And the MOST patriotic costume goes to .@TomiLahren!! #Halloween2017 #MAGA pic.twitter.com/ddUrfz0Fvq — Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) October 29, 2017

Here is video of the minority of Texans players kneeling during the National Anthem

Here is video of the majority of Texans players kneeling during the National Anthem.pic.twitter.com/RnrsgaFO1k — The Shadow League (@ShadowLeagueTSL) October 29, 2017

Watch @JoyAnnReid debunk the #UraniumOneDeal

Watch @JoyAnnReid debunk the #UraniumOneDeal fake news story on #AMJoy pic.twitter.com/QGPubMmfsZ — AM Joy w/Joy Reid (@amjoyshow) October 29, 2017

Hundreds of thousands rally in support of Spanish unity

Hundreds of thousands rally in support of Spanish unity as crisis over Catalan separatist movement deepens. https://t.co/UvwCAXttuG pic.twitter.com/APqfEdUUma — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) October 29, 2017

Pittsburgh Police Investigate A Woman Brutally Assaulted

ICYMI: HORRIFIC: A #Pittsburgh woman knocked out cold on a busy sidewalk. Instead of getting help, groups of men come by and take videos of her, rob her, even take selfies. Meanwhile NOBODY CALLED 911. KDKA-TV EXCLUSIVE: https://t.co/kQSQqrO7Vu pic.twitter.com/w9F21IAwyW — KDKA (@CBSPittsburgh) October 27, 2017

Did A Former General Lie?

That seems to be the growing question surrounding a former General ” John Kelly “. Opinion – If Kelly lied, I must say that, it is a dishonor and a dis-service to all men and women whom wear and or have formally worn any uniform of the united states military. Even more so to Gold […]

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We are a community based group shedding light on News where others won’t! We stay UN-BALANCED sharing both and or ALL sides of a story. Our goal at taking one step at a time is to slowly but effectively, expose truth, justice and in-justice by mass media. We target NO “ONE” entity although this site […]

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