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Devin Nunes Online Petition Reaches 1200+ Signatures

On online petition targeting Devin Nunes has garnished over 1200 signatures. In another shocking story by Scott Dworkin Republican Congressman Devin Nunes received a $5,400 contribution to his campaign committee from the owner of the Washington Free Beacon, the original funder of the Trump-Russia Dossier. The contribution was made on April 7th, 2015. It was […]

Opinion: Floridians Should Vote Matt Gaetz Out Of Congress

Matt Gaetz along with Jim Jordan is pushing to end the Trump Russia investigation why? Floridians have a chance to send a strong message not only to Matt Gaetz but to other members of congress that hypocrisy will no longer be tolerated on either side. Can you Tell what’s wrong with these pictures? If anyone […]

Boycotting The Trump Brands It’s Working And Taking A Toll

Sales are down Charities are cancelling to include two hotels and the list continues.. As Donald Trump continues to push his rhetoric not only towards the NFL but also his support for an alleged child molester it appears many don’t want to have anything associated to the Trump Brand. At a time when many athletes […]

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